Adieu 2011

Adieu 2011

Dear 2011:

I honestly can say I was motivated & anticipating your arrival. 2010 has been full of so many ups & downs, misconceptions, indirect isolation & critical determination.  I learned so much from this past year more than last.  I was taught to trust God past what your eyes can see.  Pay attention to what God is showing you because this will be on a comprehensive exam throughout the course of life.  I lost my best friend suddenly and during my mourning I helped save a woman’s soul.  I began to hear the Holy Spirit’s instructions with more clarity and God showed me that letting go voluntarily is easier than fighting to hold on to something that’s not yours in the beginning.  I took a new approach to life Proverbs, James & Psalms implementation.  Self-control is more filling than self-indulgence that was a harder lesson to get but, I got it.  Although, I lost one friendship the Lord replaced it with another deeper than the last.  So, all in all 2011 you arrived on time I waited for you with open arms.  Just remember to pack light because you will leave with more than you came with on this trip in and when it’s time to depart I will bid you farewell smiling.

Faith is more than a statement it’s how you operate…it’s a lifestyle change.  Change can only be sustained through the implementation of self-evaluation & self-execution.  No-one can change you or your circumstance but you so step out on faith, keep the faith & operate in it.

Peace & Blessings,

Taiese L Nevels


In Love: The Love Story of God’s Will for Us was released March 2011 & is available!  It’s an Inspirational Devotional.

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  • Jimenez Bailey
    Posted at 15:42h, 15 December Reply

    Thank you my friend for being a blessing and inspiration for me. My journey is ongoing as I seek to live on purpose. I know God has a plan for my life. His calling is so strong in my spirit right now. May God continue to bless you and keep you.

    Carpe Diem,


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