God Trusting You with Friendship

God Trusting You with Friendship

God entrusts us with many things besides wealth.  He trusts us with wisdom, knowledge, and friendship.  Friendships are precious delicate accessories we need in life.  They dress up our mundane lives with color adding a touch of class to our bland lives.  A friendship is developed between people with a common tie.  It’s a bond of two or more individuals who share a similar view.  The view or common tie can be a belief, background or even some type of goal.  Friendship is as delicate as it is strong.  We build friendships off of trust, love, communication and loyalty.  Despite the way we cut a friendship, God blesses us with friendships.  He allows two paths to cross at a very specific time, place and moment.  At that very moment you are passing by God signals us to have a bonding contact this is where it is sealed in destiny.  Friendships are developed, nurtured cultivated through spending quality time with the other individual.  All the angles of that person are exposed through the cultivating.  Where our Heavenly Father imparts discernment upon us, we must be alert.  A true friend will see past the external and see unto the depths of your being.  They see the beauty of you that lies underneath it all.  God gives them the privilege to see you in His prism of light.  He even uses them to encourage you to pursue your gifts or passions.  Those gifts can change the world if you channeled them more deliberately for God’s glory versus your own fame.  He blesses you with friends to support you, love you and even challenge you when the time is right.

Friendship is a test of faithfulness, loyalty and love.  How you treat your friendship is how you treat your relationship with God and others.  How can the Lord give you more meaningful relationships if you are untrue to a simple friendship?  How in the world can God bless you with a significant other if you can’t respect a friendship?  Respect the lines drawn really get to know who that other person is.  See the inner workings of that person.  Tell that other person what makes them unique and a wonderful creation of God’s.  Be unmoved by their imperfections yet be more loyal because of their quirks.

Ask the Lord, why this person is in your life.  Will they teach you to live more, love more or pursue more?  Do they show you a battle wrestling within your own flesh?  Can God trust you with a godly friendship?

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